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Premier Dog Training In Westchester, NY

The Art Of K9 is Westchester, New York’s premier dog training facility. Our creative approach to behavioral modification makes us stand out not only in Westchster County, but nation wide. We're known for rehabilitating a variety of different dogs, but truly enjoy the "problem cases" where people have been to numerous trainers and have been told there is no hope.

When starting in the dog training industry, I constantly strived to better myself and create a training style that would become a universal last stop for all dog owners, and The Art Of K9 reflects my hard work and dedication in doing just that. So whether you just want to stop your dog from jumping on grandma, or  you're dealing with a serious behavioral issue, we are the company for you!

- Angelo Presta (Owner/Training Director)

Our Comprehensive Dog Training Programs & Exclusive Services

Board & Train

Our fastest most sought after programs!

one on One

Private session are great for owner’s who are willing to put in the work.

day care

Learn more about our structured daycare for you and your dog!

dog boarding

The Art of K9 is proud to offer the best possible boarding experience for you and your dog.

skype training

Learn more about our distance training service.

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Dog Training Testimonials

Both of my dogs were exhibiting leash reactivity, and I feared my male was dog aggressive. After going to numerous trainers, I found Angelo thru his fantastic website. Angelo took both dogs in his Board and Train program. I am so impressed with the changes I've seen in both dogs since bringing them home. Our walks are more relaxing and their behavior at home has changed tremendously. Angelo diagnosed my male dog with fear aggression. He taught him different behavioral options other than lashing out when fearful. 

Since bringing my dogs home, Angelo has been very responsive to my calls for advice and has also reached out to see how the dogs are doing. He has even met me at a dog park to help ME with my fears around other dogs. 

His training doesn't end when you drive away with your dogs. I highly recommend him to anyone that has a dog with any sort of behavioral issue.


I highly commend The Art of K9, and the great job Angelo did with our Shepsky storm. We took her back in August 2017 when she was almost 6 months and a terror lol. I signed her up for his then 4 week Board and Train program. And the man worked miracles. I couldn't recognize her when we went to pick her up.
Storm was very energetic and showed alot of Alpha Female tendencies she was very aggressive with other dogs and loved jumping on people.

When we got her back all these bad habits were gone.

Here we are May 2018 and Storm is still responding and behaving well to her commands. What also is great is the follow up sessions you get with Angelo. Its like when you take your car for a tune-up and Storm is right back to the way she is when we picked her up.

So I can honestly say if it wasn't for Angelo we would have most likely given up Storm because of her behavior. But it all worked out.


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