About The Art Of K9


I Angelo Presta, started The Art Of K9 wanting to specialize in what is known as "Real World Obedience". Basically behavior for everyday life! I had a vision and I quickly became obsessed with helping dogs with serious behavioral issues. Back in 2010, I purchased a pitbull named Harley. Harley was awesome until 5 months old when he then started biting me, my friends and my family. He sent me to the hospital from dislocating my shoulder pulling me down the street, had major fear issues, and serious dog aggression. I tried pet store training, multiple private trainers that came to my home, and eventually found what I thought was a good board and train program where I sent Harley to boot camp.I too was once a struggling dog owner. At the end of the program, everything seemed fine until Harley got home and started his bad behavior again. I eventually had to rehome Harley and felt terrible about it. It wasn't till a few years later I realized what went wrong, and started The Art Of K9 with a mission to help dog owners realize no dog is impossible to "fix" when you have the right tools and information!