Hello. My name is Angelo Presta. I am a certified master dog trainer and the owner of The Art Of K9 LLC.

‌I’ve had dogs all of my life, and got into training dogs back in 2011 when one of my own personal dogs had serve aggression issue’s. I searched high and low for a solution, but no-one that I reached out to or worked with at the time was getting me any results. Getting frustrated, I made it my mission over the next few years to shadow, travel and learn as much as I can about the art of dog training.

‌As many people quickly realize when searching for a dog trainer, there are many different avenues that one can take. Through trial and error over the years I strongly stand by taking a balanced approach in my training. I do NOT believe in compulsion methods or my clients becoming human treat dispensers, as everything in life needs balance to thrive so do our dogs.

‌I started The Art Of K9 with the mission in solely helping pet dogs and their owners access a calmer state of mind to thrive in everyday life. I can train any dog regardless of breed, size or age. I also do not turn away dogs due to more extreme behavioral issue’s as over the years I have made my name by taking the cases no other train has wanted to take on.

‌I truly believe that dog training should strengthen the bond between you and your dog, all whilst efficiently solving your behavioral issues. All dogs and owners have different needs and goals. Therefore your training program will be tailored to your needs in order to achieve the goal of a well-trained dog that fits you and your family.

Client Reviews

Angelo is a wonderful dog trainer. Regardless of age/temperament/breed of your dog, I highly recommend sending your dog for obedience boarding with him. He takes the time to understand the uniqueness to each dog, and structure a program towards that so that they become wonderful lifelong pets for the owners.
- Ri Mehta
Angelo is awesome. His attention to detail, his keen insight and ability to see what’s actually going on and what my dog needed is spot on. Since working with him Hercules is more responsive and less stubborn, amazing walks and way less reactive to other dogs etc. Angelo gives clear direction, homework and lessons. We will continue to work with him for however long! I highly recommend anyone with any issue to work with him.
- Jennifer Vagios
The Art of K9 is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little or a lot of help with their dogs. I have two large dogs (2 year old golden retriever and 4 year old Old English Bulldog). They ruled the house until I sent them to Angelo at the Art of K9. Now they are so much more behaved and Angelo gave us the tools to make sure they stay that way.
- Jen Dehardt