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Train & Play

Dog Day Care In Westchester, NY

The best way to describe our train & play is doggie daycare on steroids! The truth is to truly instill behavior modification into a dog, the training must become a lifestyle, rather than a short term fix. After watching many daycares operate over the years, I've always wanted to create something bigger and better where dogs can thrive throughout the day while also staying balanced as a pack. That's where my train and play idea came into action. To be eligible for a train and play, your dog must have completed some type of training service with us, weather that is private sessions, or a board and train.This way when dropped off , we can continue to reinforce and maintain your dogs training so they can continue to learn and become balanced members our pack.

A typical day includes:

  • Treadmill Session
  • Pack walks and Potty Walks
  • Impulse control work
  • Socialization

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