Private Lessons

Private Dog Training In Westchester, NY

Private Dog Training lessons are great for owner’s that are seeking extra attention, and are interested in getting more hands on during the training process. Typical session’s run approximately one hour, so it is crucial to put in the time and effort outside of the training sessions to achieve your goals. We conduct our private dog training lessons in home(if our schedule allows), or at a designated location such as dog friendly stores, parks etc.

‌The truth about successful dog training is, it takes a lifetime of consistency and a lifestyle change. These two things are key for any meaningful behavioral modification to last. Our private lessons are the first step in giving you these keys to success. Every dog that we train comes with their own unique set of behavioral issues.

‌If we can effectively communicate to our dog’s, we will have a lot less issue’s when faced with distraction’s or just disobedience in general. We teach YOU how to train your dog & give you the proper tools and knowledge to communicate more efficiently to your dog.

‌*Private Training Lessons Do NOT Include any training supplies needed